Coral reef expert Dr Charlie Veron, known as the Godfather of Coral, is a long-term friend of David Hannan.

They have collaborated for decades in coral reef conservation work, publications, film projects and activism.

“Charlie is my most important mentor, and my science bible when it comes to reefs,” said David.

“His memoir, A Life Underwater, gives an insight into his brilliant mind.

“Charlie has dived most coral reefs in the world, filled prominent director roles in Australia’s most notable marine institutes including the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and has named more coral species than anyone in history,” David said.

Scuba diving in remote locations, he revolutionised the field of coral science identifying corals, defining what a species is and describing the mechanisms that drive their evolution.

Charlie has been hailed by David Attenborough, as a second Charles Darwin, and described by famous Australian conservationist Tim Flannery as “one of my heroes”.

Author Tim Winton describes him as not just a coral scientist, but a pathfinder, a scout who’s been sending back dispatches on the future of the planet for decades.

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