Underwater Cinematography

Plankton Productions Pty Ltd is David Hannan’s Australian based specialist stock-footage, media production & services company creating & contributing to a wide range of screen projects from Feature Films, TV Documentary, Education to Marine Video Art and Ocean Displays.

With his company, he has made a visual record of tropical and temperate marine environments all around Australia, set up a base for filming expeditions in Papua New Guinea, voyaged beyond Antarctica and amassed one of the worlds largest and most coveted independent tropical marine footage collections.

Latest 4K Filming Expeditions:

TARA Pacific Expedition 2016 – 2018
3 months on a boat filming scientists during world-wide mass coral bleaching events

Julian Rocks – 2017
Just off the famed beaches of Byron Bay,  Australian Leopard Sharks and other aminals aggregate

Raja Ampat – May 2017
One of the few places on our small blue planet where Sharks and Coral Reefs can still be filmed together at the same location

UPEI – Solomon Islands 2016 – 2017
Despite coral bleaching in most locations around the world, isolated reefs around Upei island are still in good condition ..

Great Barrier Reef Bleaching – May 2016
The wake-up call back in 2016, Coral reefs world-wide are in serious trouble