Underwater cinematography

Plankton Productions Pty Ltd is David Hannan’s Australian based specialist stock-footage, media production and creative services company.

Plankton creates and contributes to a wide range of screen projects from feature films, TV documentary, education and wellbeing programs to marine art and ocean installations, displays and projections.

Share the splendour and protect the environment

The company is committed to producing programs that showcase the enduring splendour of marine ecosystems facing rapid environmental degradation due to climate change, overfishing and pollution.

Coral reefs to sharks

The company has set up filming expeditions in Australia’s tropical and temperate coastline, from Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and as far as Antarctica. And internationally in iconic locations across the Pacific capturing the hallucinogenic colours of coral reefs and rare scenes of sharks and pelagic marine life in the deep waters of Colombia’s Malpelo Island.

The Pacific
Three months filming in collaboration with the Tara Ocean Foundation

Julian Rocks off the coast of Byron Bay
Australian leopard sharks and other animals congregate

Raja Ampat in Indonesia
Sharks and coral reefs that are rarely seen together outside of Indonesia

Upei in the Solomons
Upei Island’s rich coral life

Great Barrier Reef bleaching
Bleaching event of 2016