Underwater Cinematography

Plankton Productions Pty Ltd is David Hannan’s Australian based specialist stock-footage, media production & services company creating & contributing to a wide range of screen projects from Feature Films, TV Documentary, Education to Marine Video Art and Ocean Displays.

With his company, he has made a visual record of tropical and temperate marine environments all around Australia, set up a base for filming expeditions in Papua New Guinea, voyaged beyond Antarctica and amassed one of the worlds largest and most coveted independent tropical marine footage collections.

Ocean Channel

The Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel, originally created with Not-for-profit organisation Ocean Ark Alliance as an online extra educational resource for a childrens book of the same name, is now also unfolding as David Hannan’s new online stock footage reference site, representing a porthole to his extensive HD and 4k footage collection featuring spectacular underwater imagery of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica, temperate water habitats, The Coral Triangle, locations across the South Pacific and Malpelo Island in the Eastern Pacific Ocean – and a lot more besides!

Latest 4K Filming Expeditions:

TARA Pacific Expedition 2016 – 2018
3 months on a boat filming scientists during world-wide mass coral bleaching events

Julian Rocks – 2017
Just off the famed beaches of Byron Bay,  Australian Leopard Sharks and other animals congregate.

Raja Ampat – May 2017
One of the few places on our small blue planet where Sharks and Coral Reefs can still be filmed together at the same location

UPEI – Solomon Islands 2016 – 2017
Despite coral bleaching in most locations around the world, isolated reefs around Upei island are still in good condition ..

Great Barrier Reef Bleaching – May 2016
The wake-up call back in 2016, Coral reefs world-wide are in serious trouble