Coral Sea Dreaming & the “heart of the coral triangle”

A creative exploration of the diverse corals and marine life in the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Triangle

Coral Sea Dreaming

A Celebration of Reefs
86 minutes music version

Coral Sea Dreaming

Narrated 1hr TV version

Coral Triangle – Indonesia’s Raja Ampat

Music version 20 minutes

Undersea Edens

A six-part documentary series on the diversity of Australian underwater life including one episode on Antartica

Rainforest to Reef

Episode 1

Great Barrier Reef

Episode 2

Ningaloo Desert to Reef

Episode 3

The Frozen Isle

Episode 4

The Majestic South

Episode 5

Predators Paradise

Episode 6

Indian Ocean to the Pacific

These displays feature the underwater world from Byron Bay to the far outer reaches of the Pacific to Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef in the Indian Ocean

Bryon’s Leopard Sharks

Julian Rocks at Byron Bay – 32 minutes music version

Journey Through the Pacific

Tiger sharks, triggerfish courting, spawning parrotfish and sadly, dead corals – 20 minutes music version

Coral Bay Wonderland

Explores the hypnotic beauty of Ningaloo Reef’s Coral Bay, Western Australia – 58 minutes (no audio)

Sharing Kraken’s World

Octopuses and kaleidoscopes – creating displays and art installations to share the splendour of the hidden underwater world and intelligent creatures is an enduring passion of David Hannan and his teams over the years

Octopuses World

Shapeshifting and camouflage behaviors of octopus – 58 minutes music version

Angels of Tortuga

Art installation showing the hypnotic beauty of the underwater world – 32 minutes music version

Ocean Channel homescreen

Ocean Channel

Ocean Channel is an educational and visual resource – an initiative of Ocean Ark Alliance, a previous entity of David Hannan’s