The Virtual Ocean Aquarium

Beyond our day-to-day, Nature and Life itself happen in ‘real time’ in a natural ebb and flow, brought to the screen it becomes a ‘Virtual Ocean Aquarium’, a window onto another world. There’s always something new to see !

Although unfamiliar to many, coral reefs feature an astounding array of life forms and literally endless variety in moods and countless magical moments. David’s approach to filming underwater is to discover and fully document marine habitats and colourful sea creatures going about their lives.

‘Surreal Seas’ re-imagined through the eyes of a masterful visual artist using software tools on a digital canvas, David Hannan has also created a unique collection of abstract yet compelling, ever-changing Ocean Video Art. Other artists are also contributing to the growing collection.

“Words alone can’t do justice to the magic and beauty of underwater worlds. “

David Hannan
Emmy Award winning cinematographer
and creator of Coral Sea Dreamimg & Antarctica Dreaming