Exploring Coral Reefs, Climate Change & Carbon Dioxide – Classroom Resources

Coral Reefs are rich, sensitive ecosystems vital to the survival of one-quarter of all sea life and the economies of many countries. But what are corals really, how do they function and why are they now threatened by rising sea temperatures and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

World leading Australian marine scientists Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Professor Peter Harrison answer these and many other questions about corals reefs in two series of educational video presentations, both hosted by Dr ‘Kiki’ Sanford.

Created in collaboration with Education Services Australia, The Le@rning Federation, Specialty Studios and Plankton Productions, a total of nine insightful video modules with support materials aligned with curriculum standards for education in science are available.

Australia & NZ:
Educators, students and institutions can preview the video modules available via state and territory education web portals by starting a search on keywords “Coral Reefs and Climate Change” here:

North America:
Find out more from The Video Project
Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Exploring Coral Reefs: Reproduction and Survival

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