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Virtual Ocean Aquarium

Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square - Melbourne, Australia

Amis Restaurant - QLD, Australia

Amis Restaurant - QLD, Australia

Ocean Art -Miami, Florida

Ocean Art -Miami, Florida

Virtual Marine Art Displays

Virtual Marine Art Displays

Virtual Ocean Displays

Creating more inspiring environments for enhanced living, learning, health & well-being

Images of the natural world continue to fascinate and relax people in all kinds of settings.

Coral reefs and marine life are especially appealing subjects for digital displays and the creation of more inspiring environments.

Far more than moving wallpaper, our multi-platform display options feature images and moods by some of the world's leading cinematographers, photographers, artists and musicians.

The diversity of colour and movement, combined with optional relaxing music, presents almost endless possibilities - from distinctive interior design to the promotion of health & well-being.

Promoting Health & Well-Being

Increasingly research studies are pointing to the potential benefits of ocean imagery and virtual aquariums in health centres, hospital wards, medical waiting rooms and retirement communities.

Enhancing Living

Contemporary architecture is also incorporating ocean art and virtual d├ęcor into spectacular hotel, restaurant, boardroom and exclusive home designs.

Stimulating Learning

Our award-winning ocean collections are screened in aquariums, schools, universities, galleries and other inspirational public spaces worldwide.

Flexible compilations & screening options

You can select a feature length program to play on continuous loop or choose an individual scene, species, mood or art piece. Packages can also be played with or without music, narration and creature identification. Voice-over and full captioning services are also available.

Material is suitable for audiences of all ages.

If you have the imagination, we have the vision.

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