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Ningaloo - DVD

Ningaloo DVD    

This program is the definitive look at Ningaloo: the largest and most pristine western fringing reef in the world.

Imagine sparkling turquoise water lapping against an ivory beach, bordered by a rust coloured desert in a remote region of Western Australia. Step off the shore and you see the reef, a sublime scene of plate and branching corals dotted with every type of tropical fish. Moray eels with pointy teeth poke out of crevices, clouds of pink and green parrot fish flit by and curious cuttlefish drift over hermit crabs and sea stars.

Further out to sea sharks lurk over the reef edge agitating massive schools of baitfish, while out in the blue manta rays swoop as massive whale sharks make their yearly migration south. Night brings the coral spawning, an astonishing annual event accompanied by moonlit scavengers out for a feed.

The main program is a fusion of vision and music without narration. You can identify all the creatures by activating the subtitle feature.

Bonus features include 40 downloadable prints, a narrated environmental program, educational fact files and maps.

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