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Coral Sea Dreaming - 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition - Blu-ray & DVD #

Coral Sea Dreaming - Celebration of Reefs
Blu-ray Disc & DVD

Fully featured DVD & Blu-ray Disc - released in North America & worldwide 2012.

DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Features:

Viewers can enjoy Coral Sea Dreaming by choosing from 3 options on the main menu:

1. Discover the oceans most beautiful coral reefs in a magical 'Musical Feature' undersea odyssey with evocative soundtrack by composer Tania Rose.
2. Go Deeper by selecting classic informative 'Narrated Documentary'.

3. Explore more with additional 'Educational Species Identifier' option, 'pop-up' factual subtitle text or scene by scene.

Introducing 'Virtual Aquariums'

Enhancing the Disc are 60 extra minutes of short ambient videos in different styles for creating unique looping marine displays at home.

Additional Extras are 'Behind the Scenes' videos with Filmmaker David Hannan and Music Composer Tania Rose.

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Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken Blu-ray Disc and DVD #

Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken
Blu-ray Disc & DVD

First released in 2010 - available throughout Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

A state of the art virtual experience to be enjoyed in 3 unique formats:

  • As relaxing music video
  • An informative documentary
  • An educational resource
  • Extra 60mins virtual decor

"The photography is just out of this world, beautifully and sensitively edited. I think the measured delivery and scientific approach to the problems facing the ecosystem's of the reefs and world in general will have greater effect than the more common emotional political attitude."
          - Fef Griffin, UK

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Antarctica Dreaming Blu-ray DVD #

Antarctica Dreaming - Wildlife on Ice
Blu-ray Disc only

Imagine a world coloured by ice and fire, carved by hurricane-force winds, weighted by glaciers, and teeming with wildlife perfectly adapted to freezing conditions and winters of perpetual darkness. Experience the beauty of wild white blizzards and fire-red sunsets reflected in a glassy sea.

"Antarctica Dreaming is a fine example of a nature documentary. The footage is truly outstanding, and the cross-section of wildlife and landscape ornamentation is expansive. The gorgeous HD transfer adds an incredibly amount, however, and earns a spot in your selection of reference discs."

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Ningaloo DVD #

Ningaloo - DVD

This program is the definitive look at Ningaloo: the largest and most pristine western fringing reef in the world.

Imagine sparkling turquoise water lapping against an ivory beach, bordered by a rust coloured desert in a remote region of Western Australia. Step off the shore and you see the reef, a sublime scene of plate and branching corals dotted with every type of tropical fish. Moray eels with pointy teeth poke out of crevices, clouds of pink and green parrot fish flit by and curious cuttlefish drift over hermit crabs and sea stars.

Further out to sea sharks lurk over the reef edge agitating massive schools of baitfish, while out in the blue manta rays swoop as massive whale sharks make their yearly migration south. Night brings the coral spawning, an astonishing annual event accompanied by moonlit scavengers out for a feed.

The main program is a fusion of vision and music without narration. You can identify all the creatures by activating the subtitle feature.

Bonus features include 40 downloadable prints, a narrated environmental program, educational fact files and maps.

Crow of Thorns Starfish DVD #

Crown of Thorns Starfish - DVD

The Monster from the Shallows - The mystery of one of the most efficient eating and breeding machines in nature. This starfish eats only one thing - coral. It has already reached uncontrollable numbers over a large part of the Great Barrier Reef. Also under impact from global warming and coral bleaching, this diverse and delicate reef ecosystem is under extreme pressure.

SWAT teams of divers try to keep ahead of the plague through poisoning, but the numbers are too great.

It's now a race against time. Have the scientists finally found the reason for this freakish outbreak? What can be done? Without a solution, the largest reef structure on earth could soon be simply reduced to rubble.

Ocean Art Alliance Shop #

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