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Undersea Edens wins 'Best Series' award at IWFF

Undersea Edens #

April 5, 2010

Today, the International Wildlife Film Festival at Missoula, Montana announced its winners for 2010.

Undersea Edens won the category for 'Best Series' (under $500K) which is a FANTASTIC award for producers Nate Scripture, David Hannan and their teams collaborating on this international co-production.

Commissioned by Smithsonian Channel in the USA, Undersea Edens is an innovative six-part natural history series celebrating the marine world though the eyes of Australian Emmy-Award winning cameraman David Hannan. The series is set above and below the waterline in the most life-abundant seas on our planet – the kinds of places so remote few film crews dare venture. Locations range from the giant kelp forests of Tasmania to remote coral reefs off of Papua New Guinea. Subjects vary in size from massive, whirling 15-foot Manta Rays to tiny imperial shrimp smaller than a child’s fingernail.

The International Wildlife Film Festival is the premier venue for wildlife filmmaking and filmmakers. Often called the Sundance of the Wildlife Film genre, IWFF is an annual gathering where film, television, new media, science and conservation converge.

The two episodes that 'won' the series prize are Ep.5 (The Majestic
South) and Ep.6 (Predator's Paradise).

"Two of our favorite shows!" said Nate Scripture.

In addition to winning the Best Series category, the series also attracted Merit Awards in the following categories:

  • Merit Award for Educational Value
  • Merit Award for Ecosystem
  • Merit Award for Animal Behavior
  • Merit Award for Underwater Cinematography

Unlike typical television documentaries, Undersea Edens places viewers right in the action with mesmerizing sequences of the natural world enhanced by beautifully composed music from four-time Emmy-Award winning composer, Laura Karpman. Her extraordinary music blended with David Hannan’s visuals transports viewers to distant worlds never realized. The first episodes are screening on Smithsonian Channel from July 2010 and are also slated to be shown in Canada on OasisHD.

Undersea Edens (6 episodes x 26:30), Prod Cos: Reigndrop, LLC & David Hannan Productions (now Plankton Productions Pty Ltd)

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