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Journey to Antarctica


April 21, 2005

Antarctica - a huge, remote, pristine, mysterious, frozen wilderness continent, even today quite inaccessable to humans except for the few who dare and are lucky enough to venture there. A place that challenges a nature photographers imagination.

Only during a few short summer months is it possible to briefly access its outer edges by ship before a long winter with howling gales and blizzards closes in once again. David, with Filmmaker Toni Davis, secured rotating berths on Linblad Cruises SS Endeavour.

Altogether 5 voyages to the south were undertaken by David Hannan, Lucy, Toni and Pro-Cams Ian Bates along with Richard Todd of Aquarius Productions.

It was peak-season for 6 species of Penguins, Elephant and Fur Seals, Wandering and Black Browed Albatross and 35 different kinds of Ice.

The resulting 160 HDcam tapes make up a substantial high-quality image resource covering the full summer season from South Georgia and the Falkland Islands to the Antarctica Coast and all the creatures that live there.

Filmmaker Toni Davis is working with David and the footage to create a new HD visual masterpiece with the very best of the new material.

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