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David Hannan

David Hannan - CEO, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Filmmaker

David's cinematography is featured in some of the world's most successful natural history feature films, television programs and series. These include the BBC's 'The Blue Planet', National Geographic 'The Shape of Life' and 'Great Migrations' series and David Suzuki's 'The Nature of Things', most recently ABC's 'Life on the Reef' and many other 'blue chip' programs.

David's now timeless classic 'Coral Sea Dreaming - an Evolving Balance' was first released on VHS video in 1992, shown in over 60 countries and still remains the best-selling natural history program ever produced by an Australian filmmaker.

Since then, David has produced and been principal cinematographer on many other international, award-winning programs. They include 'Sex on the Reef', 'Raptures - an Undersea Odysee', 'Australia's Marine World' and 'Crown of Thorns - the Monster from the Shallows'. The 6-part TV series  'Undersea Edens'  produced with Nate Scripture for Smithsonian Channel won a prestigious award for 'Best Series'.

In recent years David has made substantial contributions to 'Planet Ocean', a film by the producers of 'HOME' and completed principal cinematography for 'Coral: Rekindling Venus', a major new work in full-dome format by Lynette Wallworth.

David was Australian producer and cinematographer on Rob Stewart's new movie, 'Revolution' and Rob's previous documentary feature  'Sharkwater' about shark-finning which has won more than 34 International Awards.

Several HD programs, 'Antarctica Dreaming - Wildlife on Ice', 'Serenity - Southern Seas' and 'Ningaloo - Where The Desert meets the Sea' were produced and released 'direct-to-DVD' with ProCam in Brisbane, Australia.

David Hannan and Plankton Productions released the '20th Anniversary Edition' of 'Coral Sea Dreaming - A Celebration of Reefs' with MLJ-Network.

Ongoing endeavours include visuals for projection such as for dance performance piece  'Okeanos' and David is also exploring exciting new ways of seeing his imagery as 'Virtual Ocean Displays' as well as developing several new projects.

Filming in HD since 2001 and now venturing into 4k, David Hannan has amassed one of the worlds largest and most coveted independent tropical marine footage libraries and also an extensive archive of Antarctic subjects on HD.

He is a founding Director of Ocean Ark Alliance, a non-profit organisation focussed on open access education reference resources and pioneering conservation initiatives.

Pete West, NUMA #

Pete West - Supervisor of Diving & Underwater Cinematography

Pete West has been a commercial diver and professional mariner since 1972. In that time he has participated in and supervised many facets of the international diving industry. His experience and certification includes working in offshore oil fields around the world, heavy marine construction, hyperbaric medicine, photography, submersibles, salvage, defence force liaison, film and television. In addition he is certified as a USL Master Class V, with several years experience navigating vessels between Australia and Europe.

Pete prides himself on his versatility, equally comfortable supervising major marine productions or operating and maintaining a range of camera, lighting and diving systems.

With international certification and a comprehensive credit list, his credentials are verifiable and his experience proven.

 → For more information check out also Pete's website at:

Daniel Stoupin - Macroworlds Photography #

Daniel Stoupin - Macro Photography

Daniel is a biologist and a digital artist whose photography and filmmaking skills originated from his scientific background. His involvement in research introduced him to microbiology, astrobiology, sponge biology, coral reef conservation, and, most importantly, to microscopy.

Proud to join Plankton Productions in 2015, Daniel is now applying his knowledge, passion and skills in developing new approaches to image capture, post-processing and online marketing with the network team.

Steve Lichtag - TWIN STAR FILM #

Steve Lichtag - TWIN STAR FILM

Born in Czechoslovakia, Steve Lichtag graduated in literary dramatic arts from the Brno State Conservatory. From 1980-90 he lived in the USA where he worked as an actor, director and underwater filmmaker. In 1990 Steve Lichtag returned to Prague where he established the independent film production company Twin Star Film. His feature documentary films focus on wildlife, particularly that of the underwater world, and have been broadcast on TV networks all around the world. Steve Lichtag´s films have won more than 60 international awards in 20 countries.

Steve Lichtag has just completed directing the 3D wildlife adventure ALDABRA which will be released internationally by Disney Nature. He is currently working with David Hannan on an international co-production about coral reefs.

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart - Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Filmmaker

Award winning filmmaker Rob Stewart is developing several new projects with David Hannan. They frequently collaborate as dive-buddies and filmmakers on fieldtrips and often share footage.

Rob has been in the water since infancy and started photographing underwater when he was 13. His passion for sharks has led him to the most remote regions of the world, where his kinship with these enigmatic creatures allows him to capture stunning images.

David was Australian Producer and Cinematographer on Rob's award-winning feature documentary 'Sharkwater', a remarkable story of courage and determination to save the worlds sharks told with stunning cinematography.

Rob's latest movie project 'Revolution', also with significant contributions by David Hannan, is now in release.

Toni Houston #

Toni Houston - Writer, Editor, Director

Toni is an established documentary writer, director, editor and cinematographer with almost 30 years experience in both film and television.

Credits include script writer for the new edition of the award winning 'Coral Sea Dreaming' - widely acclaimed as the definitive film about coral reefs - and script writer and editor for two episodes of the six part series 'Undersea Edens' produced for the Smithsonian Channel, USA, which won the 'Best Series' category at the 2010 International Wildlife Film Festival.

See the News item titled Undersea Edens wins 'Best Series' award at IWFF.

Toni is now developing her new venture Project Life Story.

Nate Scripture in the sky #

Nate Scripture - Field Producer

Based in Washington DC, Producer Nate Scripture provides regular consulting and liaison services to Plankton Productions and the International documentary community.

Nate produced several specialised field shoots in Papua New Guinea with David Hannan for National Geographic Channel's epic natural history series Great Migrations.

During 2009, Nate's company Reigndrop LLC and Plankton Productions produced the award-winning "Undersea Edens", a 6 x 1/2 hr HD series of programs for the Smithsonian Channel.

See the News item titled Undersea Edens wins 'Best Series' award at IWFF.

Peter Simon #

Peter Simon - Production & Operations

Peter Simon has worked in production and post-production on independent and mainstream TV, Video, Cinema, Multi-media and Web projects around Australia and the world since the early 1980's - starting when films were still made by hand.

Based in Northern NSW during the vibrant 1990's, Pete established facilities and managed services at 'Wollumbin Studios' where nearly 100 short and long-form video projects were completed including various TV Documentaries for ABC TV, SBS Independent and 7 Network.

During this time he also produced a 1hr TV documentary with Dean Jefferys 'Amazon: The Invisible People', a 1hr 'cyber-comedy' with Mick Coleman 'Trance Planet' starring Troy Planet and served on the board of community broadcaster Linc TV.

From 2001, apart from editing several direct-to-DVD titles, Pete mostly concentrated on managing David Hannan's expanding HD footage library and guiding long-form HD projects to completion at Pro-Cam DigiPost in Brisbane Australia - culminating with the release of Serenity - Southern Seas, 'Antarctica Dreaming - Wildlife on Ice' and Coral Sea Dreaming.

Always 'hands on', Peter is currently working mainly with other practitioners and disciplines on media projects where web, video and narrative increasingly intersect 'online' - or on the larger screen...

ProCam - Click here to visit the website #

ProCam Australia

ProCam Australia are among leaders in High Definition.

At ProCam Australia they pride themselves on always providing professional service, quality and enthusiasm.

ProCam Australia has extensive HD knowledge gained over years of experience since 2000.

Continually striving to be at the forefront of HD technology has meant not only offering superior products but also the technical support services to achieve HD masterpieces.

ProCam Australia website →


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