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Nate Scripture photographed in the sky's (helicopter cop-pit) #

Nate Scripture - Reigndrop, LLC

Based in Washington DC, Producer Nate Scripture provides regular consulting and liaison services to Plankton Productions and the International documentary community.

During 2009, Nate's company Reigndrop LLC produced an award-winning 6 x 1/2 hr HD series of programs with Plankton Productions for the Smithsonian Channel, now commenced screening July 2010.

See the News item titled Undersea Edens wins 'Best Series' award at IWFF.

Nate has also brokered and managed several specialised field shoots with David Hannan in Papua New Guinea for startling marine segments in an upcoming series on National Geographic Television.

Watch this space for announcements !

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Tania Rose photographed with her guitar #

Music for Life

Recently collaborating with Plankton Productions on the 5.1 music score for Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken, Tania Rose has inspired millions around the world with music that reflects the Journey of Life within all of us.

Tania Rose talks on YouTube about her thoughts and contribution to Coral Sea Dreaming - click here to watch

For a window on Tania's thoughts while at work on Coral Sea Dreaming check out her video on YouTube:

Eclectic in her influences, Tania's work ranges from instrumentals reflecting Renaissance flavours, to singer/songwriter ballads. Her broad range of creative projects (in particular film), also takes her work into more upbeat and occasionally industrial explorations. But regardless of her platform, Tania Rose's love of harmonies and delicately weaving melodies are her signature, an influence of both her classical singing experience, and her early passion for classical religious music.

To explore Tania's world of Music and Art check out her websites:


Toni Houston #

Toni Houston

Toni recently scripted the Voice Over narration for Coral Sea Dreaming - Awaken. She has worked in the film and television industry for twenty years. She has worked as researcher, writer, editor and/or director for major Australian TV networks (Channel 10, Nine Network and the ABC Natural History Unit) and independent documentary companies. This culminated in her directing a 1 hour special - Atlanta’s Child - for Seven Network Australia.

For 5 years she traveled the world as onboard film-maker for National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions, producing short documentaries on eco-tourism and expedition travel, for which she was cinematographer, director, editor, writer and narrator. Most recently she wrote, directed and edited Antarctica Dreaming, an HD feature on Antarctica. Toni is now developing Aqua with Plankton Productions. She is also a published prose writer, diver, fire-breather and proud mother of two.

ProCam - Click here to visit the website #

ProCam Australia

ProCam Australia are among leaders in High Definition.

At ProCam Australia they pride themselves on always providing professional service, quality and enthusiasm.

ProCam Australia has extensive HD knowledge gained over years of experience since 2000.

Continually striving to be at the forefront of HD technology has meant not only offering superior products but also the technical support services to achieve HD masterpieces.

Visit the ProCam Australia website →

Rob Stewart

Sharkwater - Rob Stewart

Award winning filmmaker Rob Stewart is developing several new projects with David Hannan. They frequently collaborate as dive-buddies and filmmakers on fieldtrips and often share footage.

Recently, David was Australian Producer and Cinematographer on Rob's award-winning feature documentary Sharkwater, a remarkable story of courage and determination to save the worlds sharks.

"In Sharkwater, a beautiful but gripping true-life adventure, Rob Stewart explores the corruption endangering sharks. However, his strongest and most passionate argument in defense of sharks comes through the stunning cinematography."

For more information please visit

Rob has been in the water since infancy and started photographing underwater when he was 13. His passion for sharks has led him to the most remote regions of the world, where his kinship with these enigmatic creatures allows him to capture stunning images. - click here

This has resulted in an extensive marine & wildlife stock photo resource with over 15,000 images, used by the top wildlife magazines in the world - click here

Rob has also developed a wonderful wildlife information site for kids and non-commercial users. For more information please visit


See also Plankton Productions Team Profiles

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In the News

Extended Production Capabilities

May 17, 2015
Network partners David Hannan, Pete West and their companies are joining forces offering high-end image capabilities

Coral: Rekindling Venus astounds audiences

21 May, 2013
Created and directed by Australian media artist Lynette Wallworth with principal photography by David Hannan, Coral: Rekindling Venus is an immersive Full Dome format film experience.

Exploring Coral Reefs, Climate Change & Carbon Dioxide - New Classroom Resources Available

May 16, 2011
Coral Reefs are rich, sensitive ecosystems vital to the survival of one-quarter of all sea life and the economies of many countries. But what are corals really, how do they function and why are they now threatened by rising sea temperatures and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Ocean Ark Alliance - Visit the Website

OAA’s mission is to create a deeper appreciation of some of the most wondrous, yet fragile, ecosystems on our planet.

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